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Where Is the OnStar Fuse Located at?

OnStar technology is becoming more popular with time.

Many vehicles implement this technology to help them account for everything happening in their cars remotely and in-vehicle.

Where is the OnStar fuse located?

Most GM vehicles have the OnStar Fuse on the fuse box, usually under the engine compartment.

In exact, the OnStar fuse is on the lid of your car’s fuse box.

The OnStar fuse is essential when using the OnStar technology in your car.

Thus, knowing where this vital product is located would be best.

How to Locate the OnStar Fuse?

There are a few simple steps to follow when locating the OnStar fuse, including:

Open Your Car’s Hood

Find the Main Fuse Box: After opening the hold, check its front, and you will notice the main fuse box.

Open the Main Fuse Box: Remove the lid of the main fuse box. You must pull up the two black tabs on the right and left sides of the fuse box to access the fuse box content.

Check Out the Secondary Fuse in The Main Fuse Box: After opening the main fuse box, there is a red 10-amp fuse in the center, which is the OnStar fuse.

Following the simple steps above will help you quickly locate the OnStar fuse.

After locating it, you can use a few ways to remove it.

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The most accessible and convenient option is to deactivate your OnStar account by contacting the OnStar team’s customer care services.

Press their customer care service number or press the blue button on the OnStar equipment, which connects you with an advisor to assist you.

The second option would be manually deactivating the OnStar fuse following the steps below.

Ensure that your vehicle engine is off

Open your truck and lift its liner

If you have a spare tire or a cargo net, you need to remove it

Unscrew the vehicle’s plate and remove it

Pull back the vehicle’s shell to unveil the OnStar device

Disconnect all the OnStar device cables and unplug it

Rearrange everything in your car

With that, you will have successfully removed the OnStar device.

It would be best to be careful when handling the OnStar fuse and ensure that you follow the guidelines above.

If you have an issue during the process, contact OnStar customer service for more consultation.

What is the OnStar Button in a Vehicle?

Many car owners are always talking about OnStar technology and its many advantages.

However, the technology is still fresh, and there is much to learn, especially for newbies.

One of the most-talked-about detail of the OnStar technology is the OnStar button.

But what is the OnStar button in a vehicle?

The OnStar button feature refers to two buttons, red and blue; when using a vehicle installed with OnStar, they represent different commands.

For example, the red button represents an emergency, and you can use it around the clock in a vehicle emergency.

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Some of the emergency cases you can use the red button for are:

In case you or anyone around you needs medical assistance

When you are in a challenging situation that requires help from law enforcers

When you are in a car accident or witness one

For the blue button, it serves to assist you in non-emergency cases.

There are a few situations where OnStar recommends you use the blue button, including:

In case your car breaks down and you need road assistance services

If you wish to know where a specific thing is – for example, finding the closest restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

When you need navigation assistance

Use the button to understand your car’s health status and the necessary services.

Can OnStar Make Your Car Not Start?

OnStar is a technology that offers in-vehicle and remote services.

As a result, car owners can access various car services and perform multiple things remotely.

One of the advantages of having OnStar is that you can start your car remotely.

But what happens when you wish to ensure your car won’t start?

Can you use OnStar to block engine ignition?

Yes! OnStar technology is an anti-theft system that aims to help you get back your car in case it is stolen.

The Remote Ignition Block feature ensures your car engine will remain dead until you access your vehicle.

This feature is part of the OnStar stolen vehicle Assistance service, which helps you protect your car by denying engine ignition access to intruders.

How Do I Know if My OnStar is On?

The GM OnStar technology is taking the automotive industry by storm, with many car owners looking to implement it.

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After all, the OnStar features are worthwhile investments that give you maximum control of your car remotely and while in the vehicle.

However, the activation process is among the popular FAQs on OnStar, with many people wondering how to check if their OnStar account works.

So, how do you know if the OnStar is on?

There are a few instructions to follow:

Visit your OnStar profile

Go to Plans and Services

Select the car you wish to check if OnStar is active

If you see the View my plans menu, it is clear that your OnStar account is active

Check out the OnStar subscription plan you are under and the services you can access.

Contact their customer care team to assist you if the account is inactive.

Usually, the OnStar team will connect you with an advisor who guides you through the process.

Does Removing the OnStar Fuse Turn Off the OnStar Technology?

Vehicles from GM motors come with the OnStar fuse, and their hardware is OnStar connected.

It means that the cars are modeled to utilize the OnStar technology.

So, does removing the fuse disable OnStar?

No! It will deactivate it but not disable it.

As a result, the OnStar hardware can keep tracking your car

In that case, the best option would be to disconnect the OnStar device from your vehicle physically.

What Happens If I Press the OnStar Button?

The red button represents cases of emergency, and the OnStar advisors will take charge of the situation and guide you on how to go about it.

The OnStar team will connect you to the help you wish to get for the blue button.