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How to Reset OnStar Module?

Resetting the OnStar module may be beneficial if you suffer problems with your OnStar system, such as connectivity issues or broken functionality.

You can reset the OnStar module in general, but the particular steps will depend on the make and model of your automobile.

The duties and methods, though, could vary from one car model to another.

Finding the OnStar module and turning off its power are some of the methods needed.

The power can be turned off by removing a fuse or disconnecting the battery.

Wait a specified period after cutting the power before reconnecting. After this, restore power.

An OnStar module reset might not always resolve all of a driver’s problems.

Therefore, if a problem cannot be fixed by resetting the OnStar Module, one can consult the vehicle’s manual or contact OnStar for assistance.

What Does the OnStar Module Control?

The OnStar module controls several systems in your car, including:

  • Telematics: You can always connect to OnStar’s security and roadside assistance services through the OnStar module. These services include:
  • Assistance for stolen vehicles: If your car is stolen, you can contact OnStar, and they’ll help the police locate it.
  • Emergency support: You can speak with a live operator during an accident by pushing the OnStar button, and they can send help your way.
  • Roadside support: If you have a flat tire, run out of gas, or experience another type of roadside emergency, you can call OnStar for assistance.
  • Remote commands: A smartphone can be used to remotely control several features and all this is made possible by the OnStar module. Among the services includes checking the fuel level, switching on the car’s air conditioning and starting the vehicle.
  • Navigation: You can get traffic updates, weather forecasts, and turn-by-turn navigation instructions via the OnStar module.
  • Entertainment: Your car’s sound system can access music, podcasts, and audiobooks through the OnStar module.
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Which Reasons Can Make You Reset The OnStar Module In Your Vehicle?

You may require a reset of the OnStar module in your car for several reasons:

If you want to turn off OnStar before you sell your car.

The vehicle’s electrical system can be fixed by resetting the OnStar module.

If the OnStar module has been replaced lately, you should reset it in order to activate it.

To reset the OnStar module, follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

Either the centre of the console or the dashboard has the OnStar reset button.

Track down the OnStar button. The OnStar button should be pushed and held for a few seconds.

The aforementioned actions will reset and restore the OnStar Module to its original settings.

Your issue might not always be resolved by simply resetting the OnStar module.

If so, get in touch with OnStar customer service, as you might need assistance.

Which problems are fixed by resetting the OnStar module?

Numerous issues can be resolved by restarting the OnStar module, including the following:

Problems with receiving calls.

Problems with OnStar’s display can make it inoperable.

Accessibility problems with navigation or other features.

Problems with the OnStar button that make it inoperable.

The cellular network cannot establish a connection with the OnStar system.

The OnStar module can be reset to resolve the aforementioned problems.

If the issue persists, you can contact OnStar customer service for assistance.

How Can the OnStar System Be Reset?

The following is a list of the several ways to reset the OnStar module:

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Resetting using the OnStar button on the car

Find the OnStar button.

The OnStar button should be pressed and held for 10 seconds.

You’ll see a message on the OnStar display after the OnStar system has been reset.

Making use of the OnStar app to reset

Download the OnStar app.

Open the program, then sign in to your account.

Launch the OnStar program. Open your OnStar account and log in.

Click “settings.”

Tap or click “Reset OnStar.”

Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the OnStar module.

Resetting using a service centre or customer support

Bring your vehicle to a GM service centre.

Ask the service technician to reset the OnStar module.

Call the OnStar customer support line and request a reset of the OnStar module.

Which tips should one consider during Resetting the OnStar Module?

The engine should be running during resetting, and no buttons should be hit during the process.

If you intend to use the app to reset the OnStar module, a strong internet connection is necessary.

If you intend to reset the OnStar module through a service centre or customer support, ensure you have your car’s VIN number.

If you have problems with your vehicle’s electrical system, visit a qualified mechanic before resetting the OnStar module.

Resetting the OnStar module shouldn’t void your vehicle’s warranty.

How To Locate the OnStar Module In Your Vehicle?

Based on the car’s model, the location varies.

The OnStar Module is typically found in the trunk or under the dashboard.

OnStar modules are commonly recognizable by a small black box displaying the OnStar logo.

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The steps indicated below should help you in locating your vehicle’s OnStar module:

You should open the vehicle’s trunk.

Search for a black box that contains the OnStar logo.

You should look under your vehicle’s dashboard if you didn’t find the OnStar module in the trunk.

If you can’t find it, look at the vehicle’s manual to find its exact location.

How Do I Disconnect the Power To the OnStar Module?

To detach the OnStar module from the power supply, you must locate the fuse that powers it.

The first step in disconnecting the OnStar module power supply is to find the fuse box that contains the fuse which charges it.

After finding the fuse box, find the fuse.

  • The fuse will have the OnStar logo on it; hence easy to identify.
  • If you want to turn off the electricity to the OnStar module, you must remove the fuse.

Remove the fuse to turn off the power that charges the OnStar module.

The OnStar services like roadside assistance will not be available after OnStar Module’s power shuts off.

You can remove the fuse by using the pliers. After removing the fuse, your vehicle’s OnStar module will shut down.