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How Do You Get OnStar to Stop Talking?

OnStar is a subscription-based service provided by General Motors that offers a range of features related to vehicle safety, security, and connectivity.

OnStar utilizes a combination of GPS and cellular technology to provide various services to vehicle owners.

To ensure OnStar stops talking while you’re on a call or having a conversation, there are different ways to handle its interactions.

A simple solution involves pressing the blue OnStar button, which is conveniently located on your vehicle’s rearview mirror.

You can also adjust the sound volume using the vehicle’s controls to lower or mute the system’s voice can provide a brief respite.

It’s crucial to remember that completely disabling the OnStar voice is impossible as it is an integral part of the service, especially concerning safety and security features.

Important Steps To Disable OnStar Voice Prompts

Interrupting The Voice Prompt

To momentarily stop the OnStar voice prompt during an ongoing conversation or instruction, simply press the blue OnStar button.

This button can be found on the rearview mirror, the overhead console, or within the infotainment system screen in your vehicle.

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This action serves to interrupt the voice prompt, allowing you some respite.

Adjusting The Volume

An alternative method involves managing the volume controls in your vehicle.

To momentarily stop hearing the OnStar voice prompts, you can use the vehicle’s volume controls to lower the sound or mute it altogether.

This gives you control over when you wish to engage with the voice prompts.

Ending The Session

For a more permanent solution during an ongoing interaction, consider ending the session.

You can do this by saying “Goodbye” or “End Session” during a voice prompt.

The system will register your command and terminate the current interaction, halting the voice prompts.

Disabling The Voice Guidance

If you wish to disable the OnStar voice prompts for a particular function like navigation, you can often do this in the system settings.

Go to the navigation or infotainment settings in your vehicle’s interface, and look for an option to disable or adjust voice guidance.

It’s important to remember that these steps only temporarily stop or limit the OnStar voice prompts.

The voice feature cannot be permanently disabled as it’s an integral part of the OnStar system, designed to ensure safety and security.

If you require additional assistance, please reach out to OnStar Advisor.

Benefits Of OnStar Voice Prompts

Hands-Free Navigation

OnStar Voice Prompts provide the benefit of hands-free navigation.

This feature allows drivers to focus on the road rather than diverting their attention to a screen.

Using their voice, drivers can receive step-by-step directions to their destination, increasing overall safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

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Real-Time Assistance

Through OnStar Voice Prompts, drivers have immediate access to real-time assistance.

The system is designed to respond quickly to voice commands, providing instant support for various needs, such as roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and emergency services.

Streamlined Vehicle Control

With OnStar Voice Prompts, controlling various aspects of your vehicle becomes a seamless task.

From adjusting the cabin temperature to changing the radio station, voice prompts make the driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable without requiring drivers to take their eyes off the road.

Enhanced Accessibility

OnStar Voice Prompts enhance the accessibility of vehicles, making them more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Individuals with difficulty with traditional vehicle controls can use their voice to operate numerous features, promoting inclusivity in the driving experience.

Personalized Experience

The OnStar system can learn from your frequent commands, offering a personalized experience.

Over time, the system becomes more attuned to the driver’s preferences and habits, resulting in a more intuitive and convenient driving experience.


OnStar Voice Prompts enable drivers to handle personal matters while on the move.

Whether making a restaurant reservation, setting a reminder, or sending a message, these voice prompts allow drivers to multitask effectively without compromising safety.

Is OnStar Constantly Listening To Conversations Inside Your Vehicle?

OnStar advisors cannot listen to what is happening in your vehicle without your knowledge.

They can only hear sounds from your vehicle when you call an OnStar advisor or when an OnStar advisor connects with your vehicle.

Your privacy is respected, and OnStar advisors cannot listen your conversations or monitor your vehicle’s activities unless you actively engage with them for assistance or support.

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Can OnStar Be Used To Make Phone Calls?

OnStar allows members to make phone calls using Bluetooth pairing, enabling them to keep their hands on the wheel for safer driving.

However, it’s important to note that there may be interruptions in service as Hands-Free Calling services are being phased out.

While OnStar continues to offer various communication services, it’s recommended to stay updated on the specific calling capabilities and any changes in service offerings to ensure a seamless communication experience while on the road.

Can I Mute The OnStar System While On A Call Or Listening To Music?

Yes, pressing the blue OnStar button can pause any ongoing voice prompt, which includes instances when you’re on a call or listening to music.

However, this does not permanently disable the voice prompts, so they may resume later.

Please consult the user manual or OnStar’s customer service for any advanced settings that may offer further control.

How Can I Stop OnStar Turn-By-Turn Directions From Talking?

If you want OnStar to stop providing turn-by-turn directions, say “Cancel route” during the navigation.

The voice prompts should stop immediately, as this command stops the system’s current guidance.

To avoid triggering this feature accidentally in the future, be careful when requesting directions.

Why Does OnStar Continue To Speak Even After Reaching The Destination?

In some situations, OnStar may continue to deliver voice prompts even after you’ve arrived at your destination.

This could result from system lag, where there’s a delay between your actual location and what the system registers.

Another possibility is that the system didn’t correctly identify your arrival, continuing to provide directions as if you were still en route.

In such cases, a simple voice command such as “Cancel route” should stop the navigation voice prompts immediately.