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Can OnStar Remote Start My Car?

OnStar is gaining much popularity due to its in-vehicle and remote services.

It gathers all the information in your vehicle and can help you monitor everything you do in the car.

Of course, many questions about this new vehicle technology are rising, especially with its popularity, including?

Can OnStar remote start your car?

Yes! You can remotely start your vehicle, locate it, view its health status, lock/unlock car doors and sound your horn with OnStar.

Simply put, OnStar gives you access to your car remotely using their mobile application.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you wish to start your vehicle remotely with OnStar.

Key Takeaways When You Wish OnStar to Remote Start Your Car

OnStar offers effective services to its users, including remote starting their car, but they must follow a few things, including:

Have an Active OnStar Account

For OnStar to serve you, it must have access to your car, which requires registering and activating an OnStar account.

The process often includes giving private data about your car and connecting with OnStar so that the technology can access all the car’s activities.

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OnStar is confident in keeping data private and will assist you with many more services.

Subscribe for The OnStar Plan

To start your car remotely with OnStar, you must be under an OnStar plan.

You can choose from many options on their website depending on the services you wish to receive and your budget.

But, of course, they have a one-month trial that you can use to define which plan suits you best.

Get The OnStar Mobile Application

You need their mobile application to realize any information from your car with OnStar remotely.

You can download it from Google Store or Apple Store, depending on your device.

Note that using the mobile application is simple; most instructions are well-prompted, and you only need to follow them.

If you have an issue using the application, you can always visit their website for more details.

Can OnStar Start Your Car Without a Key?

OnStar is among the latest technologies people use to monitor their vehicles or cars and has proved its worth primarily due to remote services.

Can OnStar start your car without a key?

Yes! With the OnStar mobile application, you can access your vehicle, including the start and lock feature.

Plus, even locking and unlocking the car doors is possible with the car keys.

OnStar is an effective technology that helps keep your car safe at all times since the application will notify you when an activity is happening in your vehicle.

This technology is making things convenient for all vehicle owners.

Do You Have to Pay for OnStar to Remote Start Your Car?

Yes! It would help if you were under an OnStar subscription plan for you to start your car remotely.

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First, you need to get an OnStar account, which is relatively easy to register from their website.

It requires you to input the correct data about your car, including personal information.

The technology is solid, and confidentiality bleach is impossible, so you don’t have to worry about giving your personal information.

After all, OnStar only allows one to access a vehicle’s information when the owner consents; otherwise, no one can access it.

It would be best to get the vehicle mobile application for maximum convenience, and you can download it from Play Store or Apple Store.

Via the application, you can access the available payment options.

The most basic option requires one to pay $14.99 per month.

OnStar has a one-month trial plan where you can access services such as starting your engine remotely, checking fuel and tire pressure levels, and saving radio stations without paying.

Of course, the team uses the trial plan to let users experience the available services and decide whether to subscribe.

Which Vehicles Have OnStar?

OnStar technology allows you to monitor all the details in your car.

It ensures you prioritize safety, emergency services, vehicle health, etc.

Initially, OnStar was specific to particular car brands

Vehicles that could use this technology by General Motors include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

All these vehicles use the OnStar hardware, making it easy to connect with cellular networks.

However, GM Motors have expanded access to the OnStar technology allowing non-GM vehicles to access it.

How Do I Know If OnStar Is Activated?

You can only access your vehicle’s details via OnStar when your account is activated.

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So, how do you check if your OnStar account is activated?

Login into your OnStar account either from your mobile phone or computer

Visit your profile, where you will find details about your OnStar account

Select Plans and Services

Select your vehicle to access the available information

You will see a View My Plans button and Connected Services if the account is activated.

If you follow the steps above and the application states that you have connected services, your OnStar account is activated.

Ensure that you use the most suitable payment plan in OnStar for you.

Naturally, you can access your vehicle’s information from the mobile app if the account is activated, and you can perform various services like starting your car remotely.

If not activated, visit their website or follow the app’s instructions to activate your OnStar account.

Can I Use OnStar with My Cellphone?

Yes! You can use the OnStar vehicle technology with your mobile phone.

However, depending on your phone brand, you must download the OnStar mobile application from the Google Play store or Apple Store.

Later, install the application and subscribe to their payment plans before you can access the OnStar services.

Note that using OnStar on your mobile is convenient and allows you access to everything in your car.

Is OnStar Free?

OnStar services are available when one is under their plan.

Otherwise, accessing the extraordinary services the OnStar technology brings is impossible when navigating through your vehicle.

But, OnStar has a trial plan which allows a 30-day trial period of using the OnStar services without paying.

Note that you can cancel the trial period anytime without any risk.