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Can OnStar Be Converted to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth and OnStar are separate technologies frequently present in cars and offer various functionality.

Emergency help and vehicle diagnostics are only some functions that OnStar’s navigation and communication system provides.

On the other hand, Bluetooth involves the use of wireless communication protocol. The protocol allows gadgets to communicate effectively with one another.

Functionalities like hands-free calling or music streaming are made possible via the connection.

Is it possible to convert OnStar to Bluetooth?

In some cases, it is possible to convert from OnStar to Bluetooth.

Although the functions of OnStar and Bluetooth are distinct, there are ways to incorporate Bluetooth capabilities into cars with OnStar systems.

Is It Possible to Convert OnStar to Bluetooth?

In some cases, OnStar can be converted to Bluetooth. Vehicles with OnStar systems can be Bluetooth-compatible using aftermarket adapters, conversion kits, or replacing the OnStar module.

The vehicle’s make, model, and year may impact the conversion’s viability and procedure.

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How Can OnStar Be Converted to Bluetooth?

The numerous methods to convert OnStar to Bluetooth are as follows:

Installation Of a Bluetooth Adapter

The most popular method for converting OnStar to Bluetooth is this one.

You may use Bluetooth to link your phone to the sound system in your car by plugging a Bluetooth adapter into the OnStar port in your vehicle.

Replacing The Stereo in Your Car

You can swap out your car’s stereo for one that has a Bluetooth connection if it lacks an OnStar port.

The cost is more, but you’ll get the most recent Bluetooth technology.

Using An App for Hands-Free Calling

Utilizing a hands-free calling app on your phone is an alternative to installing a Bluetooth adaptor or replacing your car’s audio.

These applications let you use the speakers and microphone in your car to make and receive hands-free calls.

What Factors Should I Keep in Mind During OnStar Conversion to Bluetooth?

Here are some considerations when switching from OnStar to Bluetooth:

Ensure That Your Vehicle Is Compatible

Bluetooth adapters are not compatible with all vehicles equipped with OnStar systems.

To confirm compatibility, consult your car’s owner’s manual or contact a nearby dealership.

Select The Appropriate Adapter

The industry offers a wide variety of Bluetooth adapters. Select an adapter with features you value, like voice commands or hands-free texting, and one compatible with your automobile.

Set Up the Adaptor Correctly

To correctly install your Bluetooth adapter, according to the installation instructions that came with it.

The OnStar system in your car could be harmed by improper installation.

Connect your smartphone to the adapter:

Install the Bluetooth adapter.

Pair the phone with the Bluetooth adapter.

To pair, go to the Bluetooth settings of the phone. Search for the available devices.

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Choose the Bluetooth adapter and follow the guide displayed.

Test the connection

Try to stream music or make a call to test the connection.

A Bluetooth connection will be successful if your phone’s audio is through the vehicle’s speakers.

Can You Use OnStar as Bluetooth Without a Subscription?

Yes, OnStar may be used as Bluetooth without a subscription.

In fact, OnStar Hands-Free Calling was removed in February 2022 in favor of Bluetooth pairing, which allows Members to make calls while keeping their hands on the wheel.

To utilize Bluetooth in your vehicle to make hands-free calls:

Switch on the phone’s Bluetooth via settings.

Press the phone button on the vehicle’s OnStar screen.

Select “Bluetooth phone” from the list.

Follow the on-screen steps to connect the phone to the car.

After successfully connecting the phone and the car, you can receive and make calls via the OnStar 3-button assembly.

How Do I Connect My Phone to OnStar Bluetooth?

Use these procedures to link your phone to OnStar Bluetooth:

Make sure your car is in Park before starting it.

Your phone should be Bluetooth enabled.

Navigate to the Phone option on the infotainment system in your car.

Choose Add Phone or Pair Device.

The vehicle’s infotainment system will search for compatible Bluetooth gadgets.

Select your phone’s name from the list of compatible gadgets.

On the phone’s screen, type in the passcode.

The entertainment system in the car will link to your phone.

The vehicle’s entertainment system is going to be connected to the phone.

Now you can make and receive calls and other services hands-free.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages Of Converting OnStar to Bluetooth?

Converting OnStar to Bluetooth has both benefits and drawbacks.

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Advantages Of Converting OnStar to Bluetooth

The advantages include;

Less costly: While OnStar subscription rates start at $15 per month, Bluetooth is a free service.

More convenient: Compared to OnStar, Bluetooth is simpler to use because it only requires a single pairing between your phone and your vehicle to enable hands-free calling and receiving.

More secure: Unlike OnStar, Bluetooth employs encryption to prevent phone interception.

Disadvantages Of Converting OnStar to Bluetooth

The disadvantages include;

Limited features: Not all of the capabilities that OnStar provides, such as navigation, roadside assistance, and emergency help, are available with Bluetooth.

Not all phones are supported: You may have to acquire a new phone compatible with Bluetooth.

Interference: External devices like Wi-Fi networks or various Bluetooth devices may cause interference with Bluetooth connectivity. Interference results in poor call quality or even low music quality.

Is There a Limit To The Number Of Bluetooth Connections On OnStar?

Yes, the number of Bluetooth connections on OnStar is limited.

Only one phone at a time can be connected to OnStar. You must disconnect the first phone before connecting to another.

This is so that OnStar can handle hands-free calling and OnStar services with a single Bluetooth profile.

Your phone will use the hands-free calling profile when you connect it to OnStar.

This implies that you are limited to utilizing your phone to place and receive calls.

Using your phone to access features or stream music is impossible.

Why The Number of Bluetooth Connections on OnStar Is Restricted?

Bluetooth connections on OnStar are restricted for the following reasons:


For hands-free calling and OnStar services, OnStar employs a single Bluetooth profile.

The link between the cell phone and the OnStar system is necessary for the functioning of OnStar services.

The connection between OnStar and a phone is key for OnStar services.


When activated, OnStar consumes a lot of bandwidth.

This may impact the functioning of additional Bluetooth devices linked to your car.

OnStar can assist in ensuring that all of your devices can function effectively by restricting the number of Bluetooth connections.


Not every phone is OnStar compatible.

To ensure that all your gadgets are compatible with OnStar, OnStar can aid by restricting the number of Bluetooth connections.