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Category: Dash Cam

Is Dashcam Always On?

Dashcams are compact devices installed on dashboards or windshields to record the view of the road while driving. Their purpose is to capture significant occurrences.

How to Reset Nexar Dash Cam?

Among the most popular applications for recording and assessing driving activities is the Nexar Dash Cam. Nexar Dash Cam offers essential capabilities, but it might

Is Dashcam Legal in Germany?

Dashcams are important automotive accessories that record real-time video footage from a vehicle’s dashboard. They provide invaluable evidence during accidents, deterring fraudulent insurance claims. The

Can You Use A Dashcam As A Webcam?

Dashcams are specifically designed to record video footage of your journeys while driving, usually mounted on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle. Webcams are