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Does Installing Dash Cam Void Warranty?

It’s important to comprehend what a warranty covers before we can discuss how dash cam installations affect warranties. A vehicle warranty is a pact between the automaker and the owner of the vehicle that covers particular repairs within a predetermined time frame.

The length and details of warranties vary based on the manufacturer and the power source warranty’s specific terms and conditions. Dash cams have grown in popularity among car owners recently because they provide accident evidence, defense against false insurance claims, and peace of mind while driving.

Many drivers have concerns over the possibility that adding a dash cam could void the warranty on their car. In this article, we will explore and dispel common myths about dash cam places and vehicle guarantees.

What does Warranty Refer to?

A warranty is the written assurance of the quality of a good or service as stated to a customer by the supplier. It offers customers legally-guaranteed replacement or revision for the duration of the warranty.

The duration of a warranty starts on the day of provision. If these conditions are not met, the document specifies what is implied and what repairs will be made to ensure the promised high standard of service. Warranties cover workmanship flaws, but they can also cover physical abuse.

A product’s service provider also be covered by the guarantee, ensuring that not only does a product work as intended nevertheless the customer receives assistance. A warranty with a long term and supported by excellent service helps to ensure buyer optimism, promotes the seller’s product, and boosts sales.

Vehicle Warranties are What, exactly?

A vehicle warranty is a contract between the car producer and the owner that covers specific maintenance within a time frame. There are many things to consider when buying a car. The warranty of a vehicle is something that buyers overlook, but they should give it some serious consideration.

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A manufacturer’s warranty is bundled with the acquisition of a new car, includes in the price, and is frequently promoted as a selling point to give potential customers security and confidence when buying a new car. These warranties are fairly extensive and are supported by the car’s manufacturer.

Extended warranties are available for purchase at a supplementary price. A dealership’s warranties can differ greatly and are probably not as extensive as the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.

Does Dash Cam Offer Warranties?

One of the most widespread misconceptions is the idea that adding a dash cam consequently voids the manufacturer’s guarantee on the car. A federal law in the US forbids manufacturers from revoking warranties because a third-party product had been set up unless it can be demonstrated that the product resulted in damage to the vehicle.

To install a dash camera, one of three options is available: rising the device to the windshield, connecting it to the car’s onboard diagnostic port, or patting it into the car’s electrical system. The consensus is that these changes are minor and have no impact on how the car operates as a whole.

The warranty might not apply if the setup of a dash cam results in harm to the car’s electrical system. For instance, the warranty may not apply if a product has an improper installation. It is essential to make sure that the dash camera installation is carried out properly by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions or seeking the advice of a professional installer.

What Should You Do If Your Car Breaks Down?

Driving should be avoided if you notice a warning light on your dashboard because continuing to do so could exacerbate the issue and void your insurance claim. Give your warranty supplier a call to inform them of the problem and request assistance.

Once they are aware of the problem, providers ought to approve repairs and give you instructions on where to take your car for service. You shouldn’t have to do anything other than pay the excess if the garage has been authorized by the warranty provider.

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While the repairs cost over the claims limit, you need to contribute to some of the costs. If you discover a problem with your car, take care to check the insurance policy so you know how to file a claim.

Does Setting Up a Dash Cam Void the Warranty?

Your warranty won’t be voided if you make changes to your car, like installing a lift kit, new wheels, or larger tires. You can set up a dash cam if you want to increase the security of your vehicle. Dash cam may void the warranty only when the necessity for repairs is specifically brought on by the device.

Because dash cams are not original equipment, they are likely to be mentioned first if a vehicle’s battery dies or when there is a battery drain. Dealers recommended a straightforward plug-and-play setup. There won’t be any problems if you use a 12V power cable to plug the dash camera into the lighter’s connection.

What are the Supplier’s Guidelines and Policies?

It is advised to review the manufacturer’s instructions or get in touch with the dealership to find out exactly how dash cam setups might affect your warranty. Dash cams may be included in the aftermarket installations for which certain companies have specific rules. They might offer suggestions for certified installers to follow to prevent warranty disputes.

To ensure a seamless connection with the vehicle’s electrical components, manufacturers in some cases may offer customized dash cam accessories or supply recommendations on compatible models. Owners of motor vehicles can allay worries about potential warranty problems by following these suggestions.

Will a Hardwire Kit Void the Warranty of a New Car?

Always ask your dealer if installing a hardwire into the fuse box will nullify any warranties. To keep the warranty in effect, verify that the dealer can set it. Use of our Cellink NEO battery pack is the alternative that shouldn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty.

When the car’s engine is turned off, it gives the dash cam constant power so that the parking mode can work. There is no need for fuse box hardwiring. Many manufacturer’s warranties require that the vehicle be frequently serviced and maintained and that any replacement or repaired parts be genuine.

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Before making a purchase, find out from the manufacturer if a specific situation is covered by your warranty. It’s best to take the time to comprehend the warranty you’re buying at the point of purchase.

Why does Installing a Dash Cam not Void the Warranty?

You’d like to install a dash camera when you purchase a new car. Before doing this, people might want to make sure they won’t experience a warranty issue. A dealership has the right to decline warranty service on a product that has undergone improper maintenance by a customer.

Because a small modification was made to an irrelevant part does not allow them to void the warranty for the entire vehicle. As long as the original wiring of the car has not been damaged, setting up a driving recorder properly doesn’t void the warranty on the car.

You can use the socket install method to add devices without changing the original wiring of the vehicle. Examples include plug-and-play power for rain sensors, reading lamps, car chargers, and OBD. However, you cannot record in parking mode using a car charger’s plug-in power.

While your car is not in use, hardwiring your dash camera gives you a backup power source and safeguards your battery. An incorrect connection could harm components and void your warranty. Preserve your warranty, and enable your dash cam to function when you require it most.


Generally speaking, dashcam setup or use is not covered by the warranty by the majority of auto manufacturers because setting up a dashcam voids the windshield’s the manufacturer’s seal, which could be interpreted as tampering with the car.

However, installing a dash cam won’t void the warranty if done properly. It is still important to use caution when carrying out modifications to your car. A dash camera often makes up for any potential warranty issues with the added security and peace of mind it offers.

Although dash cam installations do not revoke a manufacturer’s warranty, it is crucial to ensure a proper installation to avoid any harm to the car’s electrical system. Review the manufacturer’s instructions, seek expert assistance, and abide by them to prevent warranty disputes or other potential problems.