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How to Reset Nexar Dash Cam?

Among the most popular applications for recording and assessing driving activities is the Nexar Dash Cam.

Nexar Dash Cam offers essential capabilities, but it might have issues.

Slow loading, network issues, and app crashes are some issues affecting Nexar Dash Cam.

Cleaning app data or cache, restarting the smartphone, and checking the internet connection are some solutions.

You can also reset Nexar Dash Cam by locating the reset button on the device or accessing the settings menu.

Tap on the reset button and hold it as you follow the instructions.

Which Are the Most Common Nexar-AI Dash Cam Issues?

The following are the most frequent issues you could run into:

  • Dash Cam Nexar-AI is prone to crashes.
  • Nexar-AI Dash Cam won’t load.
  • Dash Cam Nexar-AI won’t turn on.
  • No internet connection on the Nexar-AI Dash Cam.
  • Logging into Nexar-AI Dash Cam is not working.
  • Nexar-AI Dash Cam Lower battery use.
  • You cannot open the Nexar-AI Dash Cam.
  • The Nexar-AI Dash Cam triggers issues.
  • The Nexar-AI Dash Cam loads quite slowly.
  • Nexar-AI Dash Cam freezes
  • Nexar-AI Dash Cam isn’t responding.
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Which Are Solutions for The Most Common Nexar-Ai Dash Cam Issues?

Although the Nexar-AI Dash Cam offers a lot of useful functions, users could run into certain problems.

The followings are some frequent Nexar-AI dash cam problems and potential fixes:

App Crashes

You can attempt the following fixes if the Nexar-AI Dash Cam app keeps crashing:

  • Download the latest app version: Install the latest app available on the play store or App Store.
  • Restart the app: To test whether the problem continues, exit and reopen the program.
  • Clear app cache: Crashing difficulties can occasionally be fixed by clearing the app cache. Find the Nexar app in the settings of your smartphone and erase its cache.
  • Install the app again: If the issue persists, attempt removing and reinstalling the software from the app store.

Loading Problems

Try the following fixes if the Nexar-AI Dash Cam app won’t launch or loads slowly:

  • Verify your internet connection: Check to see whether your internet connection is steady, then try again.
  • Restart the device: Restarting the computer can sometimes fix loading problems. Restart your smartphone, then attempt to launch the app once more.
  • Clear app data: You may also try erasing the app data if clearing the cache doesn’t work. But remember that this may reset any customized preferences or settings inside the app.
  • Connectivity issues: Try the following if you’re having trouble connecting to the Nexar-AI Dash Cam:
  • Examine your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections: Ensure your gadget is linked to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Restart the camera: Restart the camera after turning it off for a brief period. It might facilitate the creation of a new connection.
  • Reset camera settings: Navigate to the camera settings in the Nexar app and reset to get back to default settings. It frequently solves connection problems.
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Time, date, and setting loss

The Nexar-AI Dash Cam may be experiencing power problems if the date, time, and settings are frequently lost or restored to defaults. Try these things:

  • Examine the camera’s power supply: Ensure the camera receives enough power. Make sure the battery is charged if it has a rechargeable one. Make sure the capacitor is working correctly if the camera is capacitor-based.
  • Check the camera’s settings: Make sure the camera settings are established properly by checking them twice. Change the time, date, and other variables as needed. It is advised that you contact Nexar’s customer service if you are still having problems with your dash cam.

How Do I Reset My Dash Cam?

A reset could help restore order if your dash cam connection has issues.

Nexar Light, Pro, Beam, NEXC2

Connect the dash camera to a power source.

The dash cam’s power button should be pressed nine times. There will be a clicking sound after the button is pressed.

The voice prompt will guide you in pressing the power button again.

A voice prompt announcing that “The factory settings have been restored” will be audible.

The dash camera is going to reset and start to work again.


FW 1.2.0 and 1.2.8

Connect the dash camera’s power cable.

Press and hold the dashcam’s power button for 15 to 20 seconds or until it goes off.

Await the dashcam to turn back on.

The red button should be flashing after the reset. If the light is completely red, swiftly push the Power button once.

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FW 1.3.2

Connect the dash camera’s power cable.

Click the Wi-Fi button nine times, then again to confirm. A clicking noise and a voice prompt should confirm the reset.

Press the Wi-Fi button again after waiting for the audio prompt to give instructions.

The voice prompt “The factory settings have been restored” will be audible.

The dash cam will resume when it has been reset.


Connect the dash camera’s power cable.

Click the Sync button located on the dash cam nine times.

Press the Sync button one more once the prompt voice instructs you to.

The voice prompt “The factory settings have been restored” will be audible.

After a successful reset, the dash cam will restart.

The red button ought to be flashing following the reset. If the light is completely red, swiftly push the power button.

How Do I Reconnect My Nexar Dash Cam to My Android Phone?

Nexar needs your location permission to be set to ‘All the time’ to provide the best stable app experience.

Swipe down to enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location.

Launch the Nexar App.

Click the ‘More’ button.

Select ‘Settings.’

Tap ‘External Camera’> Continue with the Pairing Flow.

Why Is My Nexar Dash Cam Not Connecting?

Check the following if you are experiencing trouble turning on the dash cam:

  • Ensure that you only utilize Nexar-supplied accessories.
  • For a more thorough inspection, check the power supply at the outlet itself and try an alternative power source.
  • Examine the dash cam, mounts, and accessories for evidence of physical damage.

How Many Phones Can Connect to Nexar?

You may connect as many gadgets to a dash cam as you wish.