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What to Do with a Smoking Car Battery?

It is not unheard of to have a smoking car battery.

Instead, it is a common occurrence that many car owners have experienced with their vehicles.

In some cases, a smoking battery has led to burning vehicles and homes.

So, what to do with a smoking car battery?

You need to unplug the car battery from the power outlet and get it out of your vehicle. Then contact an expert to assist you.

Of course, several reasons would cause such occurrences, from overcharging to excess gas in the car battery.

We will highlight a few of them and how to prevent it.

What Causes a Smoking Car Battery and How Do You Avoid It?

There are several reasons why your car will experience a smoking car battery.

This section covers these causes and highlights a few things you can do in each case to prevent this dangerous incident from occurring.

Improper Car Battery Installation

Ensure you get an expert to install your battery since it may save you the trouble of a smoking car battery.


Ensure you charge the battery properly with a good-quality charge that delivers a steady voltage output.

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It is essential to notice the car battery charging time and ensure you never leave the charger connected to it.

Fixing a Damaged Battery

Never try fixing a damaged battery; instead, go for a better-quality one.

You can consult various experts before settling on the battery of your choice.

Old and Low-Quality Car Batteries

 It is always advisable to change your car battery annually to prevent destructive issues that may cause harm to your car.

Usually, old car batteries have issues and are the common causes of smoking car batteries.

Sometimes you don’t have to wait a year to change your battery, especially if you notice a shift in its performance.

Using Batteries with Incorrect Size

Batteries are available in different sizes to suit various cars; hence, it would be best to ensure that you use the specified battery.

Do not go for the smaller batteries since the charge drain will be faster, leading to battery complications.

As for the more extended battery, they will take longer to charge and may not work well with your car.

So, to prevent smoking batteries, ensure that you use the correct car battery.

Loose Connection

With a loose connection in your battery, overheating will quickly result in a smoking car battery.

Thus, it is advisable to disconnect the loose connections and get an expert to assist you in this matter.


You must be careful with how you handle the car batteries’ acid.

In that case, taking the necessary precautions when handling batteries is essential.

Keep off from the terminals and ensure that water doesn’t go near them to prevent corrosion, eventually leading to a smoking car battery.

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How do I Stop My Car Battery from Smoking?

There are several tips you can keep in mind when handling your car battery to prevent it from smoking, including:

Avoid using cheap and low-quality chargers

Ensure that the battery is clean at all times

Regular changing of your battery

Please take notice of your charging process and ensure that you are doing it right.

Avoid handling a damaged car battery; invest in a better one.

Avoid using small-size or large-size batteries

Do not overcharge your battery

Look out for the wiring connections, and if there are loose wires, contact an expert for assistance.

Why Is My Car Battery Smoking and Smells Bad?

As a car owner, some experiences can be frustrating and dangerous, for example, being stuck in a driveway with a dead battery that smells bad.

Unfortunately, these incidents are standard, especially for people not well-versed in maintaining their battery.

So, who would my car battery be smoking and smells bad?

It is an indication that your battery is dead and it is impossible to ignite it.

The rotten smell would be due to the acid leak and an indicator that your battery is damaged.

The best choice would be to immediately remove your battery from your car to prevent more harm to your vehicle and yourself.

Talk to an expert if you don’t know how to handle it.

Can You Drive a Car With a Smoking Battery?

Car battery issues often result in a smoking battery.

It is pretty dangerous and can cause the battery to catch fire, especially if an acid leaks.

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So, can you drive a car with a smoking battery?

The battery may still start and power up your car, but it would be a dangerous shot to take since the vehicle can catch fire anytime.

Many car experts recommend that you change the car battery every year.

But, if a smoking car battery case occurs, contact an expert to look at your car immediately.

Note that if you have the skills, you should remove the battery from the car to prevent more dangerous situations.

When Should You Add Water to a Battery?

It is common to see a car owner add water to their car battery.

But, the main problem is that some people add the water without thinking about the consequences and whether their move is right.

So, when should you add water to your battery?

You can only add water to your battery after it charges for expansion.

After fully charging the battery, let it cool, and later add water for expansion.

This move is effective since it prevents boil-overs which can be dangerous for your car battery.

What Happens When a Car Battery is Overcharged?

Many experts often comment about car batteries mentioning that you must never let the batteries overcharge.

The main reason is that overcharging leads to excessive gassing- a situation where your battery generates hydrogen and oxygen.

Excessive gassing is dangerous in car batteries since it can cause a buildup, eventually leading to a battery burst.

Naturally, after the car battery bursts, it is fair to say that the battery is dead and won’t perform the necessary duties.

Also, overcharging is one of the leading causes of a smoking car battery.