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What Does the Red Light on My OnStar Mirror Mean?

On normal occasions, the light on your OnStar mirror is usually green.

Therefore, it is only normal to wonder why there is a change since things like those don’t change for the sake of it.

Interestingly, some drivers don’t notice the light change on the OnStar mirror from green to red until the system stops functioning well.

Regardless, it is important to note that you can’t afford to ignore this change.

In most cases, the red light on the OnStar mirror means you are experiencing communication connection issues that can compromise the system’s functionality.

Let’s discuss the reasons the issue arises in detail and possible fixes.

What Does Red Light Mean on OnStar?

If you realize a red light on your OnStar mirror, you could address one of the following issues.

OnStar Hardware Issues

When people think about OnStar, most overlook its hardware components and focus more on the software.

Therefore, they will consider the subscription issues upon noticing a red light on the OnStar mirror.

That may not be a solution because the problem may be related to the hardware.

One common diagnosis when dealing with hardware is usually a bad OnStar module.

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Weak and Unreliable Cellular Network Connection

Did you know you need a stable and strong cellular network connection for your OnStar buttons to function?

Consequently, the lack of such a connection could lead to the system’s malfunctioning.

OnStar could communicate this issue through a red light on your mirror.

The System Is Running a Diagnostic

The OnStar manual indicates that the green light is bound to turn red sometimes.

Such a case would be when OnStar is running a diagnostic.


Some drivers also notice that the green light on their OnStar mirror turns red during certain weather conditions.

The most common culprit is a cloudy day, mainly if that occurs on consecutive days and for a long period.

OnStar Is Communicating with Your XM Radio

It is no secret that OnStar is connected to your XM Radio.

That’s how to hear the advisors or calls through your car speakers

So, you may notice the red light on your OnStar mirror whenever these two components communicate.

OnStar Update

One way of ensuring a system functions excellently is frequent updates.

So, once in a while, expect an available update for you to upgrade the OnStar system to the latest version.

You may notice a red light on your OnStar mirror whenever an update is available.

The same applies when the update is taking place.

Eavesdropping Issue

Another reason you might see a red light on your OnStar mirror is due to eavesdropping issues.

Antennae Issues

It is an error that OnStar usually gives the B2470 code.

It means that the connection is loose or no longer exists.

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Under such circumstances, you must either tighten or replace the antennae cable, and the issue will disappear.

The bottom line is the list of reasons why there is a red light on your OnStar mirror.

Whereas some of the issues are harmless, others need fixing to avoid compromising the functionality of this system.

You don’t want your subscription to go to waste since you can’t use OnStar services for various reasons.

That’s why we recommend trying out possible fixes and enjoying OnStar benefits fully.

How Can You Fix the Red Light on Your OnStar Mirror?

If you are dealing with an OnStar hardware issue, contacting an advisor may not do much.

On the contrary, you will need to contact a certified GM dealership.

That’s the ideal way of diagnosing and repairing OnStar hardware and eliminating the red light on your mirror emanating from the problem.

The solution often requires you to order a spare part to solve this problem.

As soon as your dealer changes the bad OnStar module, the light should change from red to green unless there is another problem causing this issue.

In other instances, the solution is as simple as fixing anything weakening your cellular network connection and jeopardizing its reliability.

If your antennae have been serving you for a long time, don’t be surprised to notice that it is cruddy due to old age.

Disassemble and clean the antennae thoroughly and ensure the water hasn’t gotten into it over time.

If water has entered, ensure that there isn’t irreparable damage following the same.

Upon checking and cleaning it, connect the antennae connector to your vehicle’s cable.

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If it is damaged, consider replacing what’s bad with something new, and the connection issue will disappear.

In some instances, disconnect and reconnect the batteries after around 30 minutes to help OnStar reset itself.

Other cases require you to give them time, and they will resolve themselves.

Excellent examples are the communication between the OnStar system and your RX radio, unclear weather, diagnosis, and updates.

So, no need to do something under these circumstances, and within no time, the red light will turn green as it should.

What Is the Green Light Next to the OnStar Button?

If you are keen on what’s in your vehicle, you will notice that the OnStar system usually has a green light.

Its position depends on your car model, usually on the overhead console or rearview mirror.

Regardless of the position, it should be green as long as your TTY service works well.

If you notice a different color, turn its ignition on and off to resolve it.

What Is the Blue Light on the OnStar?

OnStar categorizes its services into broad categories, emergency, and non-emergency services.

If you are looking for non-emergency services, press the button with the blue light.

It connects you with an OnStar advisor to assist you in various ways, including Roadside Assistance and a flat tire.

Should My OnStar Light Be On?

OnStar status lights will communicate various statuses and problems hence the need to be on.

Even when the light is off, it could indicate that TTY services are unavailable and the OnStar system is in standard voice mode.

If the status lights are green, TTY systems are on, thus possible to make and receive calls as you wish.

Blinking green status lights indicate there is an incoming call or one that’s in progress.

Finally, the red light shows that the TTY system isn’t working as it should.