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OnStar Protection Plan: What Is It & Features Explain

We live in a world full of dangers, and the unpredictability of when trouble will strike makes the situation even worse.

So, the best thing to do is to be ready for it when it happens.

The onStar protection plan has proven to be an excellent way of protecting you and your loved one whenever you are on the road.

If so, how does this protection plan live up to its name?

It has various features that guarantee safety throughout your journey, giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy life.

In case of a problem, you also get the appropriate assistance fast; hence no need to worry about possible misfortunes.

About the Protection Plan

First, the protection plan is an upgrade of the basic plans, meaning you enjoy the latter’s features and much for.

So, you can enjoy several basic features if you own a Cadillac, GMC, Buick, or Chevrolet, which has OnStar hardware.

They include controlling the lights, activating the horn, locking or unlocking the doors, and starting your car remotely.

Other notable features include dealer maintenance notification and OnStar vehicle diagnostics.

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However, a protection plan offers more than that, which means enjoying more features.

These OnStar plan features include roadside assistance, crisis assist, automatic crash response, and emergency services.

How Does the OnStar Protection Plan Work?

The plan is a host of various security and emergency services.

That, combined with the connected access, ensures that you are protected whenever on the road.

Besides you, one also protects their loved ones and ensures they get services they need on the road, especially in an emergency.

Features of an OnStar Protection Plan

Having highlighted the features of the OnStar protection, let’s now look at them in detail;

Roadside Assistance

If your car needs a tow truck, pushing a button is enough to get this assistance.

You could press the red emergency button or its blue OnStar counterpart to request this help.

The same applies when you get a flat tire, are out of gas, or are stranded.

If you have this protection plan, OnStar sends you a service provider relevant to your problem at the location you are at for assistance.

Stolen Service Assistance

Once one’s vehicle alarm goes off, OnStar notifies its member.

However, this notification doesn’t allow you to take matters into your hands since that’s risky.

Since you are dealing with lawbreakers, a Theft Alarm Notification shouldn’t persuade you to act upon it.

On the contrary, only proceed with good judgment and do so cautiously.

It is advisable not to approach the car until you are sure it is safe.

As a matter of fact, leave OnStar and law enforcement to handle the stolen car case for safety reasons.

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So, how does an OnStar protection plan assist?

Upon reporting the issue to the police, the OnStar advisor works closely with the authorities to find your car’s location.

It also has technologies ideal for assisting in car recovery since they can immobilize or slow it down, thus making it easy to locate.

Emergency Services

Since OnStar advisors have EMD certifications, contacting them during emergencies is worthwhile.

Besides providing urgent medical assistance, the advisors also contact an emergency service provider to visit your location.

Alternatively, an advisor may deem it fit to assist you in navigating out of danger, depending on the circumstances.

Automatic Crash Response

OnStar understands that a car crash can leave you in a position where you can’t ask for help.

That’s why it has built-in sensors that automatically detect certain crashes and notify OnStar about their occurrence.

The advisor will know your location upon receiving the alert.

OnStar advisors also notify first responders about any important information, such as the location and the high chances of having sustained severe injuries.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

There are two ways that OnStar can help you navigate to a destination.

Interestingly, it can work with minimal information, including a lack of the exact address of your destination.

When you push the blue OnStar button and ask an advisor for directions, someone will rescue you.

Sometimes, the advisor will stay on the line to guide you until you reach your destination.

Alternatively, the advisor can download the appropriate directions to your car thanks to the Destination Download feature.

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Crisis Assist

This feature avails various services such as special routing help and emergency assistance.

Its services have proven vital during crises such as severe weather.

It puts at your disposal a central point of contact you can reach 24/7 and ask for assistance if needed.

Upon contacting the advisors, they will send you the relevant assistance, which is another reason to consider an OnStar Protection Plan.

Does the OnStar Protection Plan Offer Data?

No, data isn’t included in the protection plan. However, you can buy data and add it to your plan seamlessly.

How Can I Cancel My OnStar Protection Plan?

If you no longer need the protection plan services, you don’t need to continue with the subscription.

On the contrary, you can cancel this plan as soon as you want by pushing the blue OnStar button.

It connects you to an advisor, but you can achieve the same by dialing the OnStar number directly.

How Can I Reactivate My OnStar Protection Plan?

The process of reactivating your OnStar protection plan is similar to canceling it.

Again, you will press your blue OnStar button to initiate a connection with an advisor who will assist you accordingly.

Can I Use Destination Download on My Car?

Honestly, the answer to this question depends on the vehicle you own.

For most properly equipped cars, usually the newer ones, Destination Download is one of the available features that OnStar members can enjoy.

Does OnStar Protection Plan Offer Remote Access?

Unfortunately, Remote Access isn’t one of the specs of this plan.

On the contrary, it is part of the Remote Access Plan, but it is always easy to bundle it with the Protection Plan to enjoy the benefits of both worlds for an excellent experience.