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Is OnStar Worth It? [Benefits & Features]

OnStar is a comprehensive in-vehicle safety and security system offered by General Motors.

OnStar has evolved into a sophisticated technology that aims to enhance the driving experience and provide peace of mind to vehicle owners.

The system utilizes a combination of GPS, cellular connectivity, and a network of trained advisors to deliver various services.

From emergency assistance and automatic crash response to navigation guidance and vehicle diagnostics, OnStar offers features designed to prioritize driver safety and convenience.

Additionally, OnStar provides connectivity features like Wi-Fi hotspot capability, remote vehicle access, and location tracking.

With millions of subscribers and a strong track record, OnStar has become synonymous with vehicle safety and security, making it a compelling option for those seeking additional peace of mind.

Understanding OnStar Services

OnStar offers various services to enhance vehicle safety, security, and convenience.

Its core feature is Automatic Crash Response, which can automatically alert OnStar advisors in the event of a collision, enabling them to contact emergency services and provide crucial information about the location of the vehicle.

The Emergency Services of OnStar extend support by offering roadside assistance, emergency medical dispatch, and stolen vehicle assistance.

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Moreover, OnStar provides Navigation Services, allowing users to access turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates.

The system also offers Remote Access features, enabling users to remotely lock/unlock their vehicles, start the engine, and activate the horn and lights.

Another notable aspect is the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot which allows passengers to connect their devices to the internet while on the move.

Furthermore, OnStar offers Vehicle Diagnostics, giving drivers insights into their vehicle’s health by monitoring its systems and providing maintenance notifications.

Family Link is an additional service that allows subscribers to monitor their loved one’s driving habits and receive alerts for speeding or boundary violations.

By understanding the wide range of OnStar services, individuals can decide whether the features align with their needs and justify the associated costs.

Benefits Of OnStar

Enhanced Safety

OnStar provides automatic crash response, emergency assistance, and roadside support, ensuring drivers and passengers have access to help when needed.

Vehicle Security

The stolen vehicle assistance and remote lock/unlock features of OnStar help protect your vehicle from theft and provide peace of mind.

Navigation Guidance

Turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and destination downloads make navigating unfamiliar roads easier and more efficient.


The Wi-Fi hotspot capability of OnStar keeps you and your passengers connected, allowing internet access on the go.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Stay on top of the health of the vehicle with the vehicle diagnostics of OnStar, which provide maintenance notifications and alerts for potential issues.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that help is just a button press away can significantly reduce stress and provide reassurance during emergencies or difficult situations.

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Family Link

Monitor the driving habits and receive alerts for speeding or boundary violations, promoting safer driving habits and peace of mind for families.

Safety and Security Features of OnStar

Automatic Crash Response

The advanced OnStar sensors detect collisions and automatically connect drivers to an advisor who can assess the situation, contact emergency services, and provide critical assistance.

Emergency Services

OnStar offers 24/7 access to emergency services, allowing users to request assistance for medical emergencies, roadside incidents, or any other urgent situation while on the road.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

In the unfortunate event of a theft, OnStar can work with law enforcement to track and recover the stolen vehicle, increasing the chances of retrieval.

Roadside Assistance

OnStar provides essential roadside support, including fuel delivery, tire changes, lockout assistance, and towing, helping drivers get back on the road quickly and safely.

Remote Ignition Block

OnStar can remotely block the ignition system of a stolen vehicle in cooperation with law enforcement, preventing the thief from restarting the engine once the vehicle has been turned off.

Is OnStar Capable Of Functioning As A GPS System?

The Turn-by-Turn Navigation of OnStar offers drivers voice-guided directions within their vehicle through the speakers, utilizing GPS technology to chart the optimal route to their desired destination.

This navigation feature is available to all OnStar Guidance Plan Members within designated service areas.

If you need assistance navigating unfamiliar roads or want the convenience of a reliable GPS built into your vehicle, OnStar can fulfil those requirements by providing accurate and real-time directions to enhance your driving experience.

Is It Possible To Utilize Google Maps On OnStar?

OnStar has incorporated Google Maps into its system, allowing for a seamless and assured driving experience.

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By integrating Google Maps, drivers can effortlessly access various features such as finding the quickest route, receiving real-time traffic updates, exploring nearby points of interest, and much more.

This integration ensures that drivers can access the comprehensive functionality and convenience of Google Maps directly within their vehicle, enabling them to make informed decisions and easily navigate.

How Does OnStar Navigation Differ From Regular Navigation Systems?

While a conventional navigation system typically appears on the vehicle’s dedicated navigation screen, OnStar navigation offers a unique feature.

While OnStar users can receive real-time turn-by-turn directions and guidance from an advisor, even if their vehicle does not have a built-in navigation screen.

The OnStar navigation lies in the convenience of receiving personalized directions through a live advisor, ensuring accurate guidance and an enhanced driving experience, regardless of the navigation capabilities of the vehicle.

What Is The Functionality Of OnStar?

OnStar provides users step-by-step guidance to their desired destination through an automated voice system.

OnStar offers two primary methods for accessing directions.

Users can receive turn-by-turn directions directly to their vehicle, where the automated voice guides them throughout the journey.

Alternatively, users can search for directions within the mobile app and seamlessly transfer them to the in-dash navigation system, if available.

This flexibility allows drivers to choose their preferred method of receiving directions.

What Happens When A Crash Occurs With OnStar?

When a collision occurs, the OnStar system within your vehicle is equipped with built-in sensors that detect the impact.

These sensors promptly relay the information to a dedicated OnStar advisor.

The advisor can quickly determine the precise location of your vehicle and take immediate action by contacting emergency services on your behalf.

Additionally, the advisor can offer medical treatment suggestions and guidance until the arrival of first responders.

This efficient and automated process ensures that help is summoned promptly and potential medical assistance is provided during critical moments.