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How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking?

In an age where people place great importance on personal privacy and data security, there is a growing desire among individuals to retain control over their age own information.

The emergence of GPS tracking technology, specifically in vehicles equipped with OnStar, has led some users to consider disabling the GPS tracking feature to safeguard their privacy.

Disabling OnStar GPS tracking empowers individuals to take control of their data and ensure their peace of mind.

Understanding OnStar GPS Tracking

OnStar GPS tracking is a feature General Motors (GM) provides in their vehicles to enhance safety, security, and convenience.

It utilizes Global Positioning System technology to track the location of the vehicle in real time.

While this feature offers several benefits, such as emergency assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and turn-by-turn navigation, it raises concerns about privacy.

With OnStar GPS tracking, the location data of the vehicle is transmitted to OnStar’s servers, allowing authorized parties to access and utilize the information.

This data can include details like the vehicle’s current location, speed, and direction.

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While OnStar GPS tracking can provide valuable services, some individuals want to disable it due to privacy concerns.

By disabling OnStar GPS tracking, individuals can regain a sense of privacy and have greater control over disclosing their location data.

Steps To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

Reach Out To Onstar Customer Support

To begin the process of disabling the GPS tracking, you need to get in touch with OnStar Customer Support.

You can do this by dialling 1.888.466.7827.

Explain your intentions to the representative, and they will guide you through the next steps.

Request Disabling Of GPS Tracking

After confirming your identity and account information, formally request the representative disable your vehicle’s GPS tracking.

They will likely ask you to confirm your request due to its implications on the services provided.

Confirm The Action

After your request, the customer service representative will disable the GPS tracking service.

Once this process is complete, ask for a confirmation to ensure the service has been disabled.


To ensure that the GPS tracking has been turned off, you can check your account details either on the OnStar website or through the OnStar app.

If the disabling was successful, GPS tracking should no longer be listed as one of your active services.

Implications Of Disabling OnStar GPS Tracking

Loss Of Emergency Assistance

One of the primary functions of OnStar’s GPS tracking system is to provide emergency services.

OnStar can pinpoint your location and dispatch help if your vehicle is involved in an accident. Disabling the GPS tracking system means this vital service would no longer be available.

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Compromised Roadside Assistance

OnStar GPS tracking can help provide accurate roadside assistance when you’re stranded, broken down, or experiencing other vehicle problems.

Without GPS tracking, it may be more difficult or take longer to get help.

Reduced Theft Recovery

OnStar GPS tracking is crucial in recovering stolen vehicles.

OnStar can provide law enforcement with the vehicle’s exact location, increasing the chances of recovery.

Disabling the tracking could mean that if your vehicle is stolen, it may be much harder to locate and recover.

Loss Of Turn-By-Turn Navigation

OnStar GPS tracking system also powers the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

Disabling GPS tracking could mean losing this convenient feature, making your travels more challenging, especially in unfamiliar areas.


Impact On Insurance Rates

Some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with tracking systems like OnStar, as they can aid in theft recovery and provide emergency services.

If you disable your OnStar GPS tracking, you may see your insurance premiums rise.

Does OnStar Have The Capability To Track The Location?

OnStar can track the location of your vehicle. In the event of a stolen vehicle, OnStar Advisors can utilize GPS technology to help locate the stolen vehicle promptly.

Upon reporting the theft to OnStar, they can work with authorities to track the vehicle’s location and take appropriate action.

This can include notifying law enforcement and providing them with real-time location updates.

In certain situations, OnStar can even remotely slow down the stolen vehicle to impede the progress of thieves.

Is It Possible To Activate OnStar Remotely?

OnStar can be activated remotely through the OnStar mobile app.

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The app provides users convenient access to various remote commands and features, allowing them to interact with their vehicle from a distance.

With the app, users can remotely start their vehicle, check vehicle status, monitor the charging status of electric vehicles, and perform various other functions tailored to their specific needs.

This capability offers convenience and flexibility, enabling users to control certain vehicle functions without being physically present.

By utilizing the OnStar mobile app, individuals can enhance their driving and ownership experience, making it more convenient.

What Occurs When The OnStar Button Is Pressed?

Pressing the OnStar button initiates specific actions based on the button colour.

When the red Emergency button is pressed, it triggers an immediate priority connection to an OnStar Advisor.

These highly trained Advisors can provide medical assistance and guidance until

OnStar professionals will arrive at your location, ensuring prompt and potentially life-saving support.

Alternatively, when you press the blue OnStar button, it links you to the relevant assistance tailored to your individual requirements.

What Is The Process For Removing A GPS Tracker From A Car?

Removing a GPS tracker from your car involves a series of steps.

You’ll need to disconnect the antennas connected to the GPS receiver and remove the antenna.

Carefully ensure that all components are disconnected properly.

After successfully removing the device, restoring the car to its original condition is crucial.

This involves reconnecting the ignition wires, ensuring they are securely attached, and reassembling any previously removed components during the device removal process.

Is OnStar A Security System?

OnStar offers a comprehensive suite of security and safety features for vehicles.

These include emergency services, automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, roadside assistance, and vehicle diagnostics.

In the event of a vehicle theft, OnStar stolen vehicle assistance service can help locate the vehicle and even slow it down or block ignition re-start.

Therefore, while OnStar is not a security system in the traditional sense, it can be considered a security system specifically designed for vehicles.