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Does SiriusXM Come with OnStar?

While SiriusXM radio offers ad-free music, sporting events, and news programming, OnStar is a well-known platform for car safety that offers life-saving emergency assistance for its customers.

Your journey can be more secure and enjoyable when OnStar is used in conjunction with Sirius XM radio.

Can Sirius XM Radio be installed in a vehicle with OnStar?

Yes, it can be installed in a vehicle with OnStar.

To add a Sirius XM Radio station to your account, you must first have a current OnStar subscription and get a Sirius XM Radio recipient installed in the vehicle.

The procedure is comparatively easy if you want to add Sirius XM Radio to detail the OnStar-equipped vehicle.

You can use connected SiriusXM broadcast satellite channels in your car if you have an OnStar subscription.

SiriusXM is Accessible to OnStar?

OnStar doesn’t offer XM radio but it does offer a wide range of other features that you might find useful.

Emergency offerings, hands-free calling, and turn-by-turn navigation are all available through OnStar.

It can assist you in locating a gas station, eatery, or other attraction.

Verify that the cables attaching your stereo system to your SiriusXM radio are firmly fastened.

If your car has a 360-L engine, you need to have SiriusXM-connected access installed.

Satellite and web Radio subscriptions are offered separately by SiriusXM Radio Inc.

You now have more control over how you listen to live radio broadcasts by satellite radio to pause, rewind, and replay them.

To link your SiriusXM radio to a stereo, ensure that all of the cables are securely placed.

Is SiriusXM Compatible with OnStar?

Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles all qualify for a free OnStar and SiriusXM trial membership.

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According to the model of your car, you can use the OnStar and SiriusXM built-in support or you may need to install the Sirius XM radio tuner in your car.

By installing Sirius XM Radio, you can access music, sports, and speak radio.

If you drive a 2020 or GM vehicle, you can take advantage of the available XM services.

If your car is an older model, call the OnStar adviser for advice on how to use SiriusXM in addition to OnStar.

How is Sirius XM Installed in a Car with OnStar?

Emergency assistance and free phone calls are just a couple of the features that OnStar’s subscription-based service has to offer.

To add Sirius XM Radio to your account, you must have an OnStar subscription.

The second step entails getting a Sirius XM Radio receiver installed in your car.

The procedure is comparatively easy if you want to add Sirius XM Radio to your OnStar-equipped vehicle.

You can buy a Sirius XM Radio recipient and have it set up in your car once you have a current subscription.

You can now listen to commercial-free music, news, and sports programming in your car with Sirius XM Radio.

OnStar plans to incorporate PSA technology through its vehicles as it gains more credibility within its parent organization, Citroen, DS Automobiles, and PSA.

A Remote Link app will be available on the brand’s mobile app.

You can purchase them for $10 per month besides the SiriusXM family rebates that are valid.

Can You Install Sirius in a Car that Doesn’t Have It?

With the aid of SiriusXM extension adapter kits, such as those offered by VAIS Technology, you can directly connect satellite radio for your factory users without affecting the signal of the radio or clogging up the dashboard.

How can you install SiriusXM satellite radio in your car? The answer has a few restrictions.

You must have a stereo in your car.

A set of connector kits must be set up for SiriusXM Radio to be played through your speakers.

External satellite antennas are preferable to in-dash recipients.

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External receivers must make concessions to operate and take on the form that they do.

You should either buy one of those unsightly 2-in-1 cigarette-less heavy adapter gadgets or use something else to listen to while your cell phone is being charged rather than satellite.

Your stereo and steering wheel might be completely out of your control.

Cost to Install a Sirius Satellite in Your Car?

A network of dealers is available to you when you buy a VAIS satellite connector kit, and they will quickly install it for you.

With fare discounts, a good kit with all that you need can be purchased for around $200.

VAIS satellite adapter packages are available from a variety of dealers, making installations as quick as possible.

The price of installing the whole thing, if there is a good package, may be around $300, but there could be additional discounts available that can further lower that amount.

In contrast to AM/FM radio, satellite radio is less expensive, and offers a monthly subscription fee.

To listen to satellite radio, you may put an external antenna in your vehicle.

Subscribers must pay $15 per month for the recordings Service to activate.

For vehicles and streaming devices, Sirius XM radio paid plans include:

  • Platinum plan: First 3 months for 1 dollar, then $22.99/month
  • Music & entertainment plan: First 3 months are $1; thereafter, $17.99/month
  • Music showcase plan: The first 3 months are $1, followed by $12.99/month

Does XM Radio Require OnStar?

Roadside Assistance is available thanks to OnStar’s partnerships with regional service providers across the nation.

Just press your blue OnStar button to call for assistance instead of enrolling in another service.

With or without OnStar, you may utilize XM radio. If your car is a GMC and has built-in OnStar-XM, you do not have to install the receiver.

If you don’t use any OnStar offerings, you can still use the XM radio via satellite features in your car by setting up the receiver adaptor.

Why Isn’t Your SiriusXM Radio Harmonious with OnStar?

Check to see if you have a current subscription or trial plan for OnStar and Sirius XM radio if your XM radio isn’t connecting with your OnStar.

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Contact the customer care representatives of OnStar and XM if you have an active service plan and require assistance connecting your OnStar with SiriusXM.

(OnStar Help Line: 18884667827/ Sirius Help Line: 8666358634).

Tell the representative about your issue.

They will assist you in connecting your radio service and inform you if there is a problem on their end.

Is OnStar’s Sirius XM Radio Service a Paid Add-on?

In addition to OnStar services, some GM car models come with a free, limited-time SiriusXM trial subscription.

You must continue your paid subscription after your trial period has ended. Free Sirius XM radio trials include:

  • Buick: 3 months free trial subscription
  • Cadillac: 6 months trial subscription for new models/ 3 months for old models
  • Chevrolet: 3 months free trial subscription
  • GMC: 3 months trial subscription

How do You Upgrade GMC Factory Radio to XM?

There are two ways to add SiriusXM to your GM Factory radio utilizing the VAIS Satellite Radio Converter or the XM radio expand kit.

The New XM selection upgrade kit is regrettably not available for purchase in the market and is not compatible with the newest GM vehicles.

If you buy an older kit, you can still use it to connect XM to your car if it’s a GMC or Chevrolet model from the past.

You may also utilize the built-in broadcast service if your GMC or Chevrolet is a more recent model.

But if your vehicle lacks this feature, we advise using the VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter, which functions similarly to the SiriusXM radio upgrade kit.

Both of these can be added without clogging up the dash.


You can enjoy an array of entertainment wherever you go with the 3-month trial subscription that comes with all-new Chevrolet cars and certified cars from participating dealers that are equipped with SiriusXM.

Both Sirius XM and OnStar would benefit greatly from a partnership.

The OnStar assistance would experience tremendous growth as a result of being bundled with Sirius XM radio, propelling Sirius XM into the top spot in the telematics sector.

The basis of a linked vehicle platform would consist of a combined Sirius/OnStar console that would be accessible to all automakers and incorporate the best features from both services.

Customers would gain from the growing service options, consolidated billing, and possibly lower monthly costs!