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Does OnStar Run Your Battery Down?

Like any other technology, OnStar has advantages and disadvantages.

On the good side, you get emergency and non-emergency services, including turn-by-turn navigation, road assistance, in-vehicle security, automatic crash report, hands-free call, and remote diagnostics.

On the other hand, the services are subscription-based and come at a cost.

Besides, some drivers feel that OnStar drains their batteries fast.

Are the two related, or is it other issues draining your battery?

On its own admission, OnStar has acknowledged that it could lead to battery issues, including draining fast.

However, some cars drain their batteries faster than others, and we are about to find out why.

So, keep reading as we discuss the relationship between OnStar and battery drain and the difference in experiences.

Is OnStar Causing Your Battery to Go Dead?

Sometime back, this subscription-based service provider released the OnStar*1 system.

Its performance was pathetic enough to persuade OnStar to consider a recall.

Members received emails informing them about the issue and advised them regarding the cause and the solution.

According to the letter, the OnStar system wasn’t working accordingly.

Consequently, it was compromising the performance of the vehicle’s battery, including draining it within no time.

That was not the only inconvenience drivers had due to this system.

It was enough to render your subscription useless since one would lose the security and safety services it offers.

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It explains why car owners were advised to sort it out immediately.

So, upon fixing the issue, the problem had to disappear.

If one was experiencing the issue despite the fix, there were high chances they were dealing with other problems which had little or nothing to do with OnStar.

Why Would OnStar Make Your Car Battery Drain Fast?

Some of the reasons related to OnStar that cause your car to drain its battery fast include the following;

OnStar Consumes Power

Like any other system out there, OnStar needs the power to function.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the amount of power the OnStar system uses isn’t that substantial.

That said, you will notice that our car battery drains faster than before installing that system.

Equally important, as long as your vehicle has an active OnStar System, it doesn’t shut off completely to offer you the necessary services at all times.

It explains why your car will discharge significantly despite staying idle for quite some time as long as OnStar is active.

Despite shutting your car, the OnStar system continues communication or tries to do it to some extent using the battery.

So, the more it communicates, the faster the battery drains despite turning your car off.

Cold Temperatures

OnStar is known for not fairing well in weather conditions, such as cloudy and cold days.

So, your guess is as good as mine regarding what would happen if you used it to start your car remotely under such circumstances.

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It struggles to start the car due to these freezing temperatures and drains your battery significantly while at it.

Besides, the more it starts, the more it drains the battery.

Some drivers noted that the experience of starting a car improved significantly on cold days once OnStar was out of the picture.

Malfunctioning OnStar System

Whereas an OnStar system is bound to use power to operate, it won’t use much.

However, the case is different when dealing with a malfunctioning OnStar system.

It means it will be trying to communicate almost always since nothing seems to work well.

These attempts are responsible for how fast the OnStar system is draining your battery.

Bad Battery

When last did you replace your vehicle battery?

If you can’t remember, there is a high chance it has been a while.

Since batteries aren’t designed to last forever, expect them to misbehave once their lifespan lapses.

The extra push the OnStar gives your battery will greatly impact a bad battery for obvious reasons.

So, you could blame your OnStar system when it has nothing to do with the fast battery drain.

The fix requires replacing the battery, and you will notice the change immediately.

Will OnStar Work Without Battery?

The answer to this question depends on the vehicle model that you use.

Newer GM vehicles have built-in backup batteries designed to serve as a backup so that your OnStar module can always provide its services.

So, under such circumstances, your OnStar system will work despite your battery being disconnected from your car.

On the other hand, older GM model vehicles lack this feature.

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Due to the lack of an in-built battery, the OnStar can’t function as soon as you disconnect the external battery from your car.

Why Is My Remote Start Killing My Battery?

Various service providers enable you to start your vehicle remotely; the OnStar system is an excellent example.

Despite the convenience of such services, it wouldn’t mean much if it was to kill your battery every time you tried using it.

Nevertheless, some drivers will raise such concerns regarding them.

In most cases, the remote-start mechanism has nothing to do with this battery issue.

On the contrary, it is usually a case of improper installation of that mechanism.

Consequently, it ends up doing more harm than good.

That’s why it is advisable to ensure that the manufacturer installs such a system to reduce your chances of suffering from the cruel fate of its improper installation.

It would be unfortunate to experience a premature car battery due to the inconveniences that come with it.

Besides, it would help if you were enjoying the benefits of starting your car remotely, not introducing problems to your car.

Does Car Wi-Fi Drain the Battery?

There are various reasons why one would prefer installing car Wi-Fi.

It has proven to be a great alternative to a smartphone’s hotspot thanks to its signal, that’s usually more consistent and faster than its counterparts.

What do you expect, given the excellent antenna?

However, will your car battery pay the ultimate price of giving you the fun and convenience of this Wi-Fi?

It is no secret that your battery will drain slightly faster than usual when using Wi-Fi.

However, the rate differs due to various factors, including how often you use it, your car battery, and its signal strength.