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Does OnStar Keep Location History?

OnStar provides communication services that are available via paid subscriptions for vehicles.

All Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC models come standard with OnStar; a service offered by General Motors.

Most recent vehicles include a free trial membership that enables you to try out the service.

The OnStar app allows the owner to view the location history of their car, though depending on how often they use it, they may only be able to see the last few hours or days’ worths of data.

OnStar uses GPS, so even if you decide against using it, it can still find where the car is at all times.

What About OnStar’s Location History record?

Users must download the OnStar app to their smartphone or tablet to track a car on OnStar; this is very quick and more convenient than using the website.

How Reliable is OnStar’s Car Locator?

Due to the complexity of GPS settings, OnStar’s vehicle identification may not always be 100% accurate.

If a car is kept in a garage or other covered parking space, it may be challenging for you to determine its exact location.

Another example is whether the vehicle has an obvious connection in the sky to a satellite.

The closest you might get if the location is inaccurate is less than 100 feet (or a few meters).

Whether or not the car is running may also have an impact on the OnStar vehicle locator’s accuracy.

It functions similarly to a cellphone for a running vehicle and uses the tower to obtain a precise location.

OnStar can track a car’s movements, making it possible for them to give law enforcement the vehicle’s location in the past upon request.

Get in touch with the OnStar office to obtain the full location history.

What About OnStar’s Location History?

You can’t prevent someone from implementing your car, but there are steps you can take to recover it.

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The sooner you can get your car back, the less likely it is that the criminals will be able to cause any harm.

A subscription is required to activate OnStar in a vehicle for it to function.

The positive aspect is that you can continue to monitor the car as long as you possess an OnStar account though OnStar is not turned on.

OnStar, Does It Track Where You Are?

A few of the many services that OnStar offers its customers include vehicle tracking with OnStar, emergency assistance, navigation, hands-free calling, and remote diagnostics.

The OnStar Car Location History feature called Stolen Vehicle Assistance gives you the tools you need to get back your car.

OnStar can also track location as it is an in-car navigation device that can track a car’s location upon the owner’s request, it can assist you in finding where your car is.

You must subscribe to activate OnStar in a vehicle, though you have the option to stop the service at any time.

Does OnStar Save Location History?

Yes, OnStar records past locations. It frequently keeps track of location information even when users deactivate their accounts.

This location history can include, among other data, the vehicle’s precise location at any given moment, the number of stops made along the way, the frequency of oil changes, and the amount of fuel left in the tank.

OnStar keeps track of its locations because they’re useful for investigations by other authorities.

It might involve a collision, criminal activity, etc.

The good news is that OnStar doesn’t just give the history to anyone; more often than not, it is given in reply to a court order.

How to Access the OnStar Vehicle Location History?

OnStar can keep track of the car’s past locations, so you can check back using the app to see where you were recently.

You might be unable to evaluate the places you were in for a few days or hours.

The complete location history is not available on the app, but OnStar has it in their database.

If you require a complete history of your vehicle’s locations, you must contact OnStar.

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Only the car owner will receive this information from OnStar; not even relatives of the owner will receive it.

The owner might be asked in some circumstances to obtain a police order.

Additionally, you can get an order from the court or access OnStar car location history by contacting the Department of Police.

You ought to be able to access the place of history by asking the police for assistance.

There are four ways to view OnStar’s spot history: Utilizing the OnStar app to view the locations.

By contacting OnStar and asking for the location history; via the department of police; or a court order.

Can OnStar Track Car’s Location If It Isn’t Turned On?

Even if OnStar is turned off, it can track the car’s location.

The delay in not triggering OnStar in a car may exist for a variety of reasons.

It continues to monitor the vehicle without it being turned on, though this cannot occur automatically.

Contact the OnStar support department to track the position of your vehicle without activation.

The police department will require you to provide data such as the model and license number of the vehicle, among other things, to assist them in locating the vehicle.

If the car has strength and lies within the range of a cellular message, monitoring will be possible.

What Is GPS Tracking Using OnStar?

Your car can be easily tracked using satellite technology with OnStar GPS tracking.

This feature can be used for many things, such as giving directions, locating a stolen car, and also offering emergency support.

While many drivers appreciate it, some are worried about the privacy risks of constantly being monitored.

Turning off OnStar tracking by GPS procedure might differ based on the model of your car.

You can stop OnStar GPS tracking by doing some things to reclaim your privacy.

Can You Disable OnStar GPS Tracking?

To stop OnStar GPS tracking, dial OnStar support.

You can find the number in the owner’s manual for your car on the OnStar website.

Tell the customer service agent you are canceling OnStar service as soon as you are connected.

The representative will request information about your account to verify your identity.

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Be sure to have the number of your account and other private information on hand.

After the representative has verified your identity, tell them you want to stop GPS tracking.

You will receive instructions on how to finish the procedure from them.

The agent will give you guidance on how to turn off GPS tracking in your vehicle.

To ensure that the procedure is carried out properly, carefully follow the instructions.

After disabling GPS tracking, check with the representative to make sure your service has been terminated.

What Happens After Turning Off OnStar GPS Tracking?

If you have a GPS recovery system like OnStar monitoring that you have activated or installed, the chances of getting the automobile back quickly are much higher.

Through the settings of your car or the physical controls on the car, users can turn off OnStar.

You won’t be tracked by OnStar GPS after you turn off the feature.

So, OnStar won’t be able to give you directions, help in an emergency, or diagnose your car.

You can’t use the service’s attributes but your car will still function normally.

Can OnStar Observe Vehicle After You Cancel?

After you revoke your service, OnStar is unable to monitor your car.

OnStar can no longer access your vehicle’s location once you’ve canceled service and turned off GPS.

Turning off OnStar won’t invalidate your warranty.

You can stop using it at any time without affecting the warranty on your car.

You might occasionally be able to turn off OnStar tracking by GPS without getting in touch with customer service.

For details on your vehicle’s model, consult the owner’s manual.

You can also turn off the service using the infotainment system or settings on your car.


The six million customers of the navigating and emergency assistance provider OnStar are being informed that even if they stop using the monthly service, OnStar will continue to keep a complete record of the velocity and precise location of all vehicles equipped with its system.

OnStar started notifying clients via email about the privacy policy revision, which permits it to sell GPS-derived data in a hidden form.

There are some drawbacks related to the lack of privacy, which can be problematic when you decide you no longer require to use the service.

However, OnStar is a great service to have in general.

It can provide the police with your location history upon inquiry, so it’s important to realize what you’re signing into before choosing to install it in your car!