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Does Dodge Have Anything Like OnStar?

It is no secret that Dodge isn’t among GM vehicles.

Consequently, its owners can’t enjoy OnStar services and the benefits they bring forth.

However, is all lost if you settle for it, or does Dodge have anything like OnStar?

Fortunately, it turns out that Dodge has something like OnStar with similar features and is none other than Uconnect.

Some of its notable features are online access, navigation, Bluetooth, entertainment, cell phone, and data, and these integrations make a huge difference in your driving experience.

So, what about discussing this OnStar alternative, Uconnect, in detail?

About Uconnect

Like OnStar, Uconnect is a technology designed to enhance one’s experience while on the road.

Uconnect combines services, apps, and a stereo system to avail its functionality to its users.

On the other hand, the drivers and even their passengers can use the vehicle’s controls and display screen to access its features.

It is an infotainment system with various purposes, including communication, navigation, and entertainment.

So, you should expect Uconnect to keep you connected, as the name suggests, safe and entertained.

You also maintain the focus you need on the road throughout, navigate and avoid distraction thanks to Uconnect.

What Are the Features of Uconnect?

Uconnect has several features worth noting.

They include the following;

Voice Recognition

As a recognition to enhance one’s safety while driving, Uconnect offers voice recognition.

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This feature allows drivers to use hands-free local commands to control the operation of their vehicles.

It is quite a notable feature designed to enhance focused driving and reduce distractions.

To make it even better, Uconnect can connect up to 2 Bluetooth cell phones simultaneously, thus allowing a driver and a passenger to use it at the same time.

It also avoids conflicts by ensuring that one of the two users is given priority regarding functions such as text messaging, music selection, phone usage, and navigation.

Wide OS Compatibility

Uconnect has Android Auto and Apple Car Play to accommodate users using the two major operating systems.

Consequently, both Apple and Android users can enjoy what this enhanced wireless connectivity offers.

It allows a driver to access phone applications without access directly, ensuring that the hands are on the steering wheels and the eyes are on the road at all times.


If you are familiar with Amazon Alexa, you know how this virtual assistant technology simplifies lives.

Uconnect brings it onboard, thus allowing you to do various tasks remotely, from starting the car to locking or unlocking doors, to mention a few.

Therefore, drivers can ask Alexa to do various things, including adding something to a to-do list and checking real-time information such as sports, traffic, weather, and news or playing music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Anyone on board can use Alexa since it uses the car’s audio system to relay responses.

Excellent Connectivity

What’s the need for excellent technology features if using them is an issue?

That’s why Uconnect aims to improve its ease of use, and the various upgrades that keep enhancing this show its commitment to achieving the same.

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There is also the improved processing speed to ensure that the system processes commands fast and on time.

The improved connectivity and fast speed have enhanced the users’ experience significantly.

Personalized User Experience

To enhance the user experience further, Uconnect taps into the potential and efficiency of personalization.

That accommodates the various tastes and preferences of different drivers and gives a driving experience matching them excellently.

If you are not the only one who uses the car, the system can accommodate up to 5 different profiles.

So, every user will set a profile and customize various operations such as mirror placement, seating position, and cabin temperature.

There is also an option to store your music preferences which is ideal given the diversity in this area.

Each user uses an icon to operate Uconnect easily and fast and gets to create a home screen for the respective profile.

Besides, shifting from one user profile to another is easy since a single touch is adequate for the action.

What Are the Various Uconnect Versions?

As mentioned above, Uconnect keeps upgrading its system to enhance user experience.

So, don’t be surprised if your Uconnect version differs from another car owner’s.

Factors determining the Uconnect Versions include your vehicle’s trim, year, and model.

So far, Uconnect has had 3 versions, namely;

  • Uconnect 5.0
  • Uconnect 8.0
  • Next Generation Uconnect 4

The Next Generation Uconnect 4 is the latest version, thus making the other two various versions of this system.

Expect some differences between one Uconnect version and another, such as the touchscreen display size.

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For instance, as their names suggest, the touchscreen display for Uconnect 5.0 is 5 inches, whereas that of Uconnect 8.0 is 8 inches.

Which Cars Are Compatible with Uconnect?

Uconnect is available on various vehicles, including the Stellantis cars.

You will enjoy its services and features if you own one of the following vehicles;

  • Alfa Romeo
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Fiat
  • Jeep
  • Maserati
  • Ram

Therefore, Uconnect isn’t limited to the four popular American auto brands; Ram, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep, as most people assume.

On the contrary, it is also available on other models such as Maserati, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo.

What Is the Cost of Uconnect?

Uconnect system comes embedded in your car; hence it costs you nothing to access its basic features.

However, under such circumstances, you can’t access all the remote services it avails its users.

That’s where the Uconnect Access comes in, thus allowing you to access your car remotely from anywhere and enjoy other remote services.

However, it comes at a cost as a monthly subscription.

This access will cost you $14.99 monthly, but you will save quite a lot upon choosing the annual subscription since it costs $149.99.

Contact its customer support to renew your Uconnect subscription after the first year.

Upon paying this subscription cost for Uconnect Access, you will enjoy various features, including the following;

  • 911 Calls
  • Drive rating reports
  • Remote Lock or Unlock
  • Remote Vehicle Start
  • Roadside Assistance Calls
  • Send ‘n Go Smartphone Navigation
  • Stolen vehicle assistance
  • Vehicle finder
  • Vehicle Health Report or alert every month