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Can You Activate OnStar Without Being In The Car? [Answered!]

OnStar is among the most sought-out revolutionary technology that ensures you are well-updated about everything happening in your car.

It provides all the information and services you may need about your vehicle.

With the technology gaining much popularity, there is a question of whether you can activate your OnStar services when you aren’t in the car.

Can you activate OnStar without being in the car?

Yes, You can use a few remote services to activate OnStar without being in your vehicle only by following the proper guidelines.

A few methods you can use when activating OnStar away from your car include:

Use An OnStar Guardian App

The OnStar Guardian App is great for you whether you use Android or Apple devices.

It is an application allowing you to activate your OnStar account far away from your car by following the steps below:

Get your OnStar Guardian Application from App Store or Google Play Store

Use a registered email account and its password to log into your OnStar account

Automatically, your main screen window will show up after logging into the application

Use the Activation button to activate the technology by taping on it

Naturally, the system will request your car’s identification number, where you include your VIN

The on-screen instructions will prompt you until you complete the activation process

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After filling in all the necessary details, the activation button will appear, and taping it will activate your OnStar account.

With these simple instructions, your OnStar account is activated.

Note that OnStar requires a subscription, trial, or an active one.

Use My Link Service

OnStar is a revolutionary technology that offers information services to GM Motors like Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac.

Someone with any of these car types can use my link service to activate OnStar from the car app.

Here are a few steps one has to follow:

You need to get a GM account by signing up for the program

Download the vehicle app and use my link service for activation, which requires inputting your vehicle’s VIN.

Also, the activation process is possible via the online portal of your OnStar account.

In case there is any problem with the activation process, you can seek help from the OnStar customer care number, which will assist you with the whole procedure,

Call An Advisor To Help You Activate Your Onstar Account

If you wish to start OnStar without being in your car, contacting the OnStar advisors is the last option.

Customer service is available 24/7, where OnStar users can communicate with advisors who will guide them throughout the process.

The person is professional and well-trained and will lead your way until your OnStar account is activated.

Note that someone must have an OnStar subscription, whether active or trial, in all these three cases.

Otherwise, it will be impossible to activate OnStar.

Can OnStar Be Turned On Remotely?

We have many things going remotely, and many people love the experience.

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But with OnStar, is it the case?

Can OnStar be turned on remotely?

Currently, OnStar has remote services and features that allow you to power various commands when you are away from your vehicle.

The best option to work with OnStar remotely is to use the available application on Google and Apple Play Stores.

It is an application that enables you to check on your vehicle, including charge status, function, and more, without getting into your car.

The app is designed to monitor your car even when you aren’t allowed allowing you to access various information in the comfort of your house or office.

Of course, such an application is great since it eases the process of using OnStar services.

How Do You Know If Your OnStar Is Active?

To confirm that your OnStar account is activated, it would be better to visit your account.

Tap on the Plans & Services options and select your vehicle

If you get a View My Plans Option on the OnStar and Connected Services options, you have a few available services you can view and explore.

If you have that situation, it means that your OnStar is activated.

Otherwise, the OnStar and Connected Services will not be active for this vehicle where you need an advisor to give you details on your options.

What Triggers OnStar?

It is no secret that OnStar provides all your vehicle’s information and details.

With that, it is easy to monitor what is happening in your car and when there is a need to do something about it.

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In that case, what would trigger OnStar?

A few things can happen, prompting your car to give an alarm notification and transmit it to your OnStar application on your phone.

When trying to start the car, things like an invalid key, no key detection, or a foreign key fob will enable the alarm system.

It is an effective method many people use to protect their vehicles from theft, and it is confirmed that the whole thing is worth it.

Is OnStar Automatic?

There isn’t a definite response to this question, but OnStar offers a few automatic services.

The Automatic Crash Response allows your car’s inbuilt sensors to connect to an advisor who offers the necessary assistance in case of a crash.

So, it is clear that OnStar has a few automatic services that make things more convenient for car owners.

Can Thieves Disable OnStar?

OnStar anti-theft is among the most popular technologies car owners are using to protect their cars from thieves.

And the technology is doing a fantastic job.

But recently, there have been cases where car thieves are becoming more advanced and have disabled OnStar and stolen a few cars.

Most of these incidents happen within three minutes, where the thieves successfully pop the lock and hood, change the computer and disable OnStar before stealing the car.

So, can thieves disable the OnStar Technology in your car?

Yes, there are a few cases of these incidents.

But, it requires one to be a pro in these technologies making these cases few and going for the OnStar technology a great choice.