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What Are the Benefits of OnStar Speed?

The fact that an OnStar subscription isn’t free means you have to ensure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go down the drain.

You must ensure that its services will benefit you in one way or another.

Fortunately, an OnStar subscription has proven to be worth every penny, thanks to the services you get in return.

For instance, OnStar speed benefits commercial workers by reducing costs and improving efficiency.

It achieves these crucial things through various ways hence something worth considering.

So, without much ado, let’s discuss how one can benefit from the service.

What Are the Advantages of OnStar?

If you use OnStar speed, here are the benefits you will enjoy;

Easily Monitoring the Performance

Since prevention is better than cure, one should do as much as possible to identify any indicator of an issue likely to arise.

Car owners will tell you how much time, effort and money such a discovery saves you.

Besides, it is always easier and cheaper to solve small problems than their bigger counterparts.

That’s where OnStar comes in with its various vital metrics, including battery voltage, engine temperature and oil levels.

Consequently, you won’t spend much on repairs since to can spot a minor problem before it turns major.

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Managing Your Speed

The consequences of speeding are too dire to ignore, and OnStar Speed can help you avoid it at all times.

It allows you to set the speed limit your car shouldn’t exceed at any point.

If it exceeds the speed limit, OnStar Speed sends you an alert about the same.

Such a reminder helps you manage your speed without much struggle.

It is no secret that exceeding legal speed limits could see you incur a hefty penalty, serve imprisonment or both.

The loss of your hard-earned money and the damages that imprisonment can lead to are avoidable with OnStar Speed; hence worth subscribing to.

Did you also know that you spend way more fuel when overspeeding?

Besides, overspeeding is a major cause of road accidents, leaving many physically impaired and dead.

That’s why you should consider such a benefit of OnStar Speed.

Real-time Tracking

Do you have a car you don’t drive but have instead hired a driver for whatever reason?

If so, you can benefit from OnStar Speed regardless of whether it is one or more.

It is a suitable service for fleets management since it makes it quite efficient.

Additionally, you respond quickly to accidents, breakdowns and other unexpected events.

It Saves You Money

The bottom line is that you save money using OnStar Speed.

After all, real-time tracking ensures that you don’t spend much to manage your fleet of vehicles.

The fact that you will only solve small issues also means spending less money on maintaining the vehicle.

Other costs one can spend less include insurance premiums and fuel.

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It is an opportunity that no business owner should ignore since it means increasing the profit margin.

The best part is that you don’t need to compromise the services or their quality to cut costs when using OnStar Speed.

What Does the OnStar System Do?

It turns out that an OnStar system can do many things, including the following;

  • Offers advisors ready to help you as quickly as possible during emergencies
  • Even if there isn’t an emergency, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is at your disposal, ready to help you in case of anything.
  • Even if you aren’t the victim, you can use OnStar to help others by requesting help on their behalf.
  • If you aren’t able to ask for help following a car crash, it can detect it automatically and alert an Advisor who can offer you the help you need under such circumstances.
  • It can do various tasks remotely, including starting or stopping your car, honking its horn, flashing its lights and closing or opening the doors.
  • If you aren’t familiar with your route, you only need to key in the destination, and the OnStar system will guide you accordingly.
  • It works with the authority to help you recover your car if it is stolen
  • Hitting the road gets easier with OnStar since you have help if you ever get stranded, requires a car tow or need to change a flat tire

Can You Use OnStar for Free?

It probably comes as a surprise, but you can use OnStar for free despite being a subscription service.

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That’s because it offers its potential customers a 30-day trial.

During this period, you enjoy all OnStar services without spending a single penny on its subscription.

It indicates OnStar has confidence in what it offers, which speaks volumes about the quality of its services.

The trial period is also an opportunity to decide whether you need its services.

Therefore, you will only spend your hard-earned money on an OnStar subscription if you are convinced it is worth it.

If you love what it offers, ensure that you select a renewal plan to continue using the services once the trial lapses.

Choosing the plan also guarantees that the services aren’t interrupted once the trial ends by renewing your subscription immediately after its end.

Can You Use OnStar to Track Your Car?

Yes, OnStar can track your car when law enforcement officers confirm it has been stolen.

Thanks to OnStar Advisors, with the help of GPS, the system can assist the authorities in finding your stolen car.

So, OnStar is a subscription worth investing in, given the value of a vehicle.

Which Vehicles Have OnStar?

If you are looking for vehicles that use OnStar hardware, there are several of them.

Most Cadillacs, GMC, Buick and Chevrolets have it for various uses.

However, it is worth noting that not all the vehicles from these car manufacturers have this feature, especially their older models.

The connectivity of its hardware relies on cellular networks.

What Carrier Does OnStar Use?

OnStar offers its members various data plans courtesy of AT&T.

Thanks to the session-based data plans, one can access the carrier’s wireless data services for the hotspot of your car if it uses OnStar.